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  1. Hello, nice to ... you.

    know    find    meet    get to know

  2. Where are you ... ?

    to    from    at    of

  3. How ... chairs ... ?

    much, are these    much, is there    many, are there    many, is there

  4. This is ... ruler, and ... eraser.

    a, a    a, an    an, a    an, an

  5. ... are my shoes.

    this    it    these    you

  6. Blue is not ... favourite color.

    I    my    me    mine

  7. Her ... ... blonde.

    hairs are    hairs is    hair are    hair is

  8. Stand ...

    up    down    at    on

  9. One mouse, two ...

    mouse    mouses    mice    mices

  10. ... is he called?

    Which    What    How    When

  11. My uncle is ... old. He´s 65 years old.

    little    quite    small    no

  12. My Grandma is ... old. She is 95 years old.

    little    quite    very    no

  13. What is your father ... ?

    name    called    lumber    ´s called

  14. What do they look ... ?

    like    me    see    seem

  15. ... a kitchen?

    there is    there are    is there    are there

  16. ... a ... ?

    Have you got ... big house    You have got ... house big
    You have got ... big house    Have you got ... house big

  17. .. is the radio?
    It is under the books.

    What    Where    When    How

  18. He ... a book.

    read    reading    reads    red

  19. They ... play chess

    not    not do    do not    does not

  20. One goldfish, two ...

    goldsfish    goldfishs    goldfishes    goldfish

  21. She ... famous.

    am    are    is    to be

  22. What time is it?
    It is 7:15.

    quarter past seven    half past seven    quarter to seven    seven o´clock

  23. I´ll meet you ...

    in lunchtime    on lunchtime    at lunchtime    for lunchtime

  24. Tell your partner about what you like ... at the weekend.

    to do    doing    do    does

  25. Everyone ... do Maths!

    can´t    couldn´t    can    are

  26. I ... very early in the morning.

    wake up    am waking up    wakes up    woke up

  27. I ... some tea. Do you want some?

    make    made    am making    makes

  28. I ... outside. It was too hot for me.

    were    was    wasn´t    weren´t

  29. Where ... you this morning at 7:30?

    was    be    are    were

  30. The children ... outside in the snow.

    was    be    were    to be

  31. How ... does the topic phase last?

    much    far    long    late

  32. Small shops are ...

    more friend    more friendlier    more friendly    friendlier

  33. Buying online is more expensive ... the high street shops.

    than    that    to    for

  34. A ... of cheese.

    slice    cup    loaf    glass

  35. A ... of bread.

    carton    loaf    slices    glass

  36. I love tomatoes, but I am not ... mushrooms.

    very friend    very keen on    very much on    very love on

  37. Some people like ... bread.

    bigger    huge    greater    thicker

  38. I eat meat about ...

    twice a week    two times a week    two times for week    twice for week

  39. What do you like ... the weekend ... winter?

    to do on, in    doing at, in    doing in, at    to do at, on

  40. I ... my friends ... Saturday.

    usually visit, on    visit usually, in    visit usually, on    usually visit, in

  41. The match was very ... , Federer played ...

    well, good    well, well    good, well    good, good

  42. Be careful! You ...

    will fall    are falling    fall    are going to fall

  43. Have you ... been to Venice?

    never    more    ever    sometimes

  44. I ... in Brighton ... 7 years.

    lived, since    have lived,since    lived, for    have lived, for

  45. ... does it take to get to school?

    How much    How long    How many    How far

  46. It depends ... the traffic!

    on    of    about    in

  47. Please sit ...

    in    up    down    on

  48. I prefer ... to ...

    swimming, running    to swin, to run    swin, run    to swin, run

  49. I ... to Salsa classes than ... to the gym.

    would rather going, going    rather go, go    would rather go, go    rather to go, to go

  50. Listen ... your teacher.

    to    at    for    by

  51. Have you been ... recently?

    to ski    ski    for ski    skiing

  52. Did you ... your grandparents yesterday?

    saw    seen    see    seed

  53. Have you ... a place like the one in the picture?

    been at    ever been to    ever been at    been in

  54. ... July, I´m going on holiday for two weeks.

    At the end on    At the end in    At the end of    At the end for

  55. Are you doing anything ... Saturday evening?

    on    at    in    of

  56. Have you got any plans ... Christmas?

    in    at    on    of

  57. If you drink more water, you ... less chance of getting heart disease.

    have    has    will have    had

  58. If you are eating too much sugar and fat, you ... to go on a diet.

    need    needs    have to need    may need

  59. He is taking an exam ... June

    in    on    at    for

  60. We are not leaving ... day after tomorrow.

    the    at the    for the    in the

  61. I am going on holiday ... two weeks.

    on    at    for    over

  62. Which task did you enjoy ... ?

    to do most    doing most    doing the most    to doing most

  63. Do you know which country the cars are produced ... ?

    on    in    no preposition    at

  64. Check what you have ...

    understand    understood    understanded    understands

  65. It´s a good idea ...

    finding a study partner if you are a social learner    to finding a study partner if you are a social learner
    to find a study partner if you are a social learner    find a study partner if you are a social learner

  66. If I were you ...

    I will send an e-mail    I send an e-mail    I would send an e-mail    I can send an e-mail

  67. I ... downstairs from my grandparents.

    used to live    am used to live    use to live    use to living

  68. Where ... when you were a boy?

    do you use to play    did you used to play    did you use to play    do you use to playing

  69. I like ... there´s a good transport system in my city.

    that    the fact that    because    it

  70. How often ... you see a film if you ... in a village

    will, lived    do, lived    would, lived    would, live

  71. I went to the carnival celebration in Viareggio, ... is also quite famous in Italy.

    which    that    were    when

  72. What about ... your rubbish so that you can recycle it?

    separate    to separate    to separating    separating

  73. If they ... more careful, the accident ...

    had been ... would not happened    had been ... would not have happened
    had ... would not happened    were ... would not have happened

  74. ... the accident ... if they ... so tired?

    If ... would happened ... would be    Would ... have happened ... hadn´t been
    If ... had happened ... haven´t been    Would ... had happened ... would be

  75. In spite of ... so much food in the world, Millions are starving.

    have    having    had    to have

  76. I changed my mind about Tom after I ... him. He is very nice.

    had met    met    meet    have met

  77. After the votes ..., the Minister announced that he had lost the election.

    were counted    had counted    had been counted    has been counted

  78. "I´m conscious of spending more".
    Karen said she ... conscious of spending more.

    were    had been    has been    was

  79. "Karen, how have prices affected your Family spending?"
    She asked Karen how prices ... her Family spending.

    has affected    had affected    affected    was affected

  80. "Do you want to fly or go by train?"
    She asked me ... I wanted to fly or go by train.

    when    how    whether    what

  81. They ... here ... six months.

    have been living, for    were, for    had lived, since    has lived, since

  82. What have you ... you left university last year?

    done since    done for    been doing since    have been doing since

  83. If he had ... a laptop last year, he ... it for his university thesis.

    buy, have used    bought, would have used    bought, have used    bought, had used

  84. As far as I´m ...

    concerne    point    pointed    concerned

  85. We ... this a long time ago.

    should had done    should do    should have done    should did

  86. We can often remember ... but very little of the actual detail.

    dreaming    dream    to dream    dreamming

  87. As children we are all advised ... cheese or a heavy meal.

    not to eat    not eating    do not eat    did not eat

  88. I hope you don´t mind my telling you my personal problems. I just had to get them off my ...

    heart    chest    back    leg

  89. Global warming ... to be a cause for concern.

    is thinking    thought    thinks    is thought

  90. They ... to have got married last week.

    rumor    rumored    are rumoured    rumors

  91. What do you think are the best ways of dealing ... ?

    with bullying    with bully    to bullying    to bully

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